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The Bermuda Karting Club's mandate is one of safety to all involved on Race Day. The club operates under WKA and SKUSA rules with regards to karts, engines, age restrictions, and modifications. All drivers must obey all safety regulations. This includes all karts being tech. inspected before entering the track. All drivers must wear full protective gear including flame resistant driving suit, proper racing shoes, neck collar, gloves, and a full-face enclosed DOT helmet. During racing, marshals are placed at strategic positions on the racetrack. They alert the drivers via coloured flags.

They also have radios and fire extinguishers at each position. The Bermuda Karting Club also partners with the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade. The club makes a donation to the charity every year. They are present at every racing event.
Spectators can observe from the bleacher area or can obtain a pit pass and mingle with the drivers and crew on pit lane. Pit lane is always a busy area and spectators are advised to be aware of all activities, especially during races. Karts are always entering or exiting the pits. It is important in the pit area that all children are closely supervised. This is all in the interest of having an exciting and safe racing experience.